Our Occuphil brand intraocular lenses (IOLs) are made from HEMA-MMA (HydroxyEthylMethAcrylate-MethylMethAcrylate) Hydrophilic material. Hydrophilic IOLs offer the best value for money. Private practitioners offer foldable hydrophilic IOLs to patients who are looking for affordable cataract surgery.

Foldable hydrophilic IOLs are popular with surgeons who use the PHACO emulsification technique for cataract surgery. Since these lenses are foldable, they can be implanted through a smaller incision (using an injector cartridge system) causing less post-operative trauma and yielding better surgical outcomes for the patient.

Our Occuphil IOLs are single pieces by design and have a biconvex aspheric optic.  Occuphil IOLs have an aspheric negative optic that suits the majority of the global population. The anterior surface of the optic is spherical while the posterior surface of the optic is aspheric negative. Occuphil IOLs come in a double haptic design which offers better stability and centration in the eye. Occuphil IOLs are manufactured using high-quality imported UV blocking HEMA-MMA raw material. They are only available in the posterior chamber variant.

Our Occuphil double haptic IOLs are available in the below variants:

  • Clear Aspheric with 360-degree square-edge (Model number 50383)
  • Yellow Aspheric with 360-degree square edge (Model number 51383)

The above variants are available in the optic diameter of 6.0 millimeters and an overall diameter of 12.50 millimeters. The 360-degree square edge reduces the chances of Posterior Capsule Opacification (PCO).

Our Occuphil IOLs have a refractive index of 1.46 when hydrated at 20 degrees Celsius and 1.45 when hydrated at 35 degrees Celsius. Their “A-Contstant” value is 118.0. They require an incision size of 2.40 millimeters to 2.80 millimeters. They have a water content of 26%.

The yellow variant offers better contrast sensitivity.

Diopter range for our Occuphil IOLs:

  • +5 D to +15 D are available with an increment of 1.0 D (+5, +6, +7 and so on)
  • +15 D to +27 D are available with an increment of 0.5 D (+15.5, +16, +16.5 and so on)
  • +27 D to +35 D are available with an increment of 1.0 D (+27, +28, +29 and so on)

Occuphil IOLs are packed in an aluminum lid blister containing purified type 1 water. The blister is further sealed in a medical-grade pouch to facilitate sterilization. These IOLs should be implanted using our injector cartridge system that is supplied along with the IOL in the box.

Our Occuphil IOLs are sterilized using the Steam sterilization process.

Occuphil IOL Market: We cater to the Indian domestic market and also export our hydrophilic IOLs to other countries.

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